Products Overview

OSS Provisioning Tool

SunNET provides service from Facilities Management to Network Activation across different technology and platforms (DMS, GSM, NGN). Our suite offers the framework to automate provisioning processes in network assignment and activation. SGEN was designed with flexibility in mind to meet the future needs of service providers in the rapidly changing telecommunications industry.

SGen Suite

The SGen Suite consists of provisioning tools that interact with various networks (Fixed and Mobile). These products allow automatic as well as manual provisioning on the customer's line. By using SunNET tools your organization will improve installation time and reduce the learning curve for new users.

The Conciliator

The Conciliator eliminates the need for manual data gathering by providing automated device configuration, recognition and data gathering from across your network including information on device chassis, cards and ports. The Conciliator interfaces with your element or network management system and ensures that you have the most current device information from across your operation by providing continuous updates on the state of your equipment and the availability of your services. The Conciliator generates exception reports if it detects any discrepancies with your inventory. It then performs reconciliation between 'as designed' and 'as built' states and has the ability to automatically update inventory information or issue change notification for manual reconciliation.

Point of Sale Solution

Our Point of Sale Solution, SunPOS, is a system which has been designed to support multiple billing solutions as well as multiple databases simultaneously. The business layers interacting with the back office is built around the concept of business objects. This approach ensures that the logic in the back office can be changed without requiring a modification on SunPOS.

For management, we are supporting any organizational structure. The information provided to each access level can also be specified. The POS system can be used as an information search tool as well as a data conciliator.

The SunPOS system is designed to help organizations improve their customer services by allowing quick access to customer information. Its adaptability allows it to be implemented in almost any organization.

As we recognize that the point of sale application is essential for your business our application is built with fail-over and redundancy capabilities.

Kiosk Self Service

Through our Software we are providing self-service transactions that are secure and convenient. Our software can provide the following services:

  • Bill Payments
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Maps and Directions
  • Money Transfers
  • PIN Dispensing for Pre-Paid Products
  • Ticketing
  • Other Customizable Services and Solutions

Kiosks can also be used as a powerful advertising tool.

Calling Card Management Solution

Most of the studies predict that by the end of 2008 there will be more wireless users than fixed lines and that the pre-paid sector will continue to be the main growing sector. Because of the constant shift in the market landscape, one of the challenges facing telecommunication companies is to manage their calling card and pre-paid airtime.

Our Global solution provides a real time 360 degree view of the card availability in the company. Thresholds can be set for automatic ordering, or for warning and trends can be monitored.

With our Calling Card Management Solution your organization will move from a passive mode to a more proactive state.

VoIP Solution

Voice over IP is the next step on the path of the telecommunication convergence. VoIP solutions are enabling service providers to offer value added services today by delivering voice, data and video over a single network.

To succeed in today's market, service providers must deliver true Value over IP. Customers demand services that are seamless, simple, personalized and present everywhere. SunNET VoIP Professional Services for Service Providers can help meet this demand by reducing up-front risks and easing the integration of voice, data networks and applications, offering simplified network administration and better operational efficiencies.

SunNET VoIP solution is a new-breed, all-in-one phone system designed specifically for small to medium businesses with single or multiple locations. Its big-company features and intelligent capabilities work right out of the box.

Our VoIP PBX offer the following services:

  • Extensions
  • Voice mail (Voice mail can be sent through email)
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Conference bridge
  • Computer telephony integration

Billing and Operation Support System (BOSS)

Billing Designed for small telecommunication operator and fully ITSM compliant, this package cover various operations aspects and is integrated with ticketing solution and CRM.

  • Prepaid and postpaid services
  • Monthly Services
  • One time products and services
  • Promotional services billing
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Prorated invoicing

CRM - Ticketing (OTRS) - Cashier

Customer management solution for Small telco, including performance dashboard, leads, companies and customer. Sales management, with activity for each lead up to the successful sale close. Integrated with OTRS (ITSM compliant Ticketing solutions)

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